Write a note on raja ram mohan roy as a social reformer

He gave away his coat and other clothes to the beggars and other poor people whom he saw naked. Indian reformers of the nineteenth century did a lot to build a better society. Bhimrao Ambedkar, in spite of several odds got the best of education from very good institutions of the world because of his talent and merit only.

His life changed when he was insulted by one of his Brahmin friend and then he realized the caste divide and discrimination present in the society. Raja Ram Mohan Roy was the first person who recognized these inhuman practices and decided to fight against the same.

His theological treatises show his depth in Koran as well as in the commentaries of Sankara. Fighting in favour of the abolition of Saji, the introduction of Western Education in India and to introduce measures to put an end to the false beliefs among Indians, he died there is At the time of preparation of the Government of India Act,he advocated for the separate electorates for untouchables and other lower caste people.

He was a man of high character. He supported induction of western learning into Indian education. Born inin a conservative Brahmin family, Rammohan Roy is the pioneer reformer of modern India.

Bengali renaissance

He had two sons, Radhaprasad in and of Ramaprasad in with his second wife, who died in Ram Mohan became the eyesore of many higher caste Indians. Mother Teresa and members of her mission went out into the city streets and picked up the dying homeless person.

He was in favor of widow remarriage. Besides abolishing Sati, he advocated in favor of widow remarriage. His major contribution in eradicating social evils was fighting for the rights of the untouchables and so-called lower caste people. Vidyasagar ji continued the reform process started by Raja Ram Mohan Roy and remained active with Brahmo Samaj activities.

It also fought for the emancipation of women. He first published a weekly to ventilate the views of the people on social, political, economic problems both national and international. Ram Mohan became the eyesore of many higher caste Indians.

Biography of Raja Rammohan Roy and his Contributions

Rammohan started Champaign against these wrong doings of the Hindu society. He tried to improve the condition of widows.Raja ram mohan roy was a lerned man,a social reformer and a true agronumericus.com was from agronumericus.com knew that what wrong with indian agronumericus.com called upon people to fight againt social evil such as child marriage and agronumericus.com also ask people to feel proud to their culture and learn agronumericus.com alone they are able to write to british parliment for a fair deal.5/5(6).

Raja Ram Mohan Roy was a social reformer who advocated for improved education as a means of self-improvement for the nation of India.

Roy learned English himself at the age of twenty-two in order. Complete information on five Great reformers of India Saptarshi Dutta Advertisements: RAJA RAM MOHAN ROY: Ram Mohan Roy was one of the great social reformers of 19th century.

He was born in A.D. in a Brahmin family of Bengal. He was a learned man. Raja Ram Mohan Roy believed that only the spread of education could help in removing. Raja Rammohan Roy served East India Company for a period of ten years from to After his retirement from East Indian Company, he fully devoted himself to social services in Calcutta.

Ram Mohan Roy

Like all great men, he did a lot of useful work in his life. Ram Mohan Roy was a pioneer of social and religious reform in India. He was born in an orthodox Brahman family of Bengal in He was born in an orthodox Brahman family of Bengal in He went to England as an envoy of the Mughal Emperor Akbar II, who had given him the title ‘Raja’.

Raja Ram Mohan Roy Biography - Raja Ram Mohan Roy was the great reformer who worked hard to improve the status of women in India.

Write a note on raja ram mohan roy as a social reformer
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