What can bog bodies tell us about religion and society in iron age europe essay

This evidence points to murder. Both men were upper class. Originally published in In the same way selfishness separates an agent in a greater or lesser degree from other agents: The clothing is believed to have decomposed while in the bog for so long.

Most of them are made of woven wool or leather. These people were not savages running around with unkempt locks. Then he saw the leather noose around his neck. And there's worse to come. Although the hair is tangled and thick with peat, they can distinguish a particular style.

Like Kayhausen Boy, Yde Girl might have been killed for her physical deformities. And there is a slightly more irregular cut through the rib here. And the next one?

Oldcroghan Man appears to be a peculiar kind of mummy, the soft tissue remains of a human being trapped in time, known to archeologists as a "bog body. Temperatures are less extreme and rainfall is more abundant. One, two, three, up.

10 Things Bog Mummies Have Taught Us About Iron Age People

The great majority of its estimated 82 million live near the banks of the Nile Riverin an area of about 40, square kilometers 15, sq miwhere the only arable agricultural land is found.

If you have read Jung you know this was his problem with gnosis too see the Undiscovered Self though Jung uses the word "reason" instead of knowledge. Gnostics believe according to Voegelin they are disenfranchised and have never been accepted.

Much of what we know about the Iron Age Celts is from the finely crafted objects they left behind. And there's a cut, or a split in the skin, which would indicate that this is due to a blow from something heavy with a sharp cutting edge.

Bog Bodies: The Ancient Dead

Anymore then a junkie can think or reason himself out of addiction. Nixdorf raises a fair point on the matter of self-reference. A group of Jewish Christians.

Voegelin's respect for order does not mean that he did not think being open to new visions of order was not important. I'm very surprised that Oldcroghan Man is so old.

We have dated the body to the end of the 16th century, 'round, say, or thereabouts.

The Curious Case of the Bog Bodies

Why bother with that when you can pile the hair up and fix it in place, and that adds to the height? This is probably the best known of the Irish bog bodies.Such Iron Age bog bodies typically illustrate a number of similarities, such as violent deaths and a lack of clothing, leading archaeologists to believe that they were killed and deposited in the bogs as a part of a widespread cultural tradition of human sacrifice or the execution of criminals.

Eamonn Kelly, an expert in Irish bog bodies formerly with the National Museum of Ireland, posits that Oldcroghan Man was a failed king, contender to the throne.

Introduction Bog bodies have been found in many locations in northwestern Europe: Ireland, England, Germany, and Denmark.

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Generally, these countries have poor preservation conditions, but the bogs are an exception to the rule. May 31,  · 10 Things Bog Mummies Have Taught Us About Iron Age People.

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What Bog Bodies Can Tell Us About Our Past

Pin +1. Share. This is not true of the Iron Age. Most bog bodies have been discovered with little to no clothing. In ancient Europe, potent fungi seemed to have been the drug of choice.

Bog bodies—mummified corpses still intact 2, years after their death—offer questions and clues about life and death in Iron Age Europe. Oct 28,  · Other Bog Bodies appear to have been recipients of trepanning surgery. Bog Bodies have been found in other places, but none are as well preserved as the mysterious Bog People of northwestern Europe.

These bodies have given quite a bit of insight into .

What can bog bodies tell us about religion and society in iron age europe essay
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