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In noting the difficulty of making valid comparisons, the U. Prison privatization Privatization prison privatization essay the transfer of prison functions from the government sector to the private sector.

It is also worth noting that privatization brings about lack of transparency in the prisons department. Due to the issue of competition privatization there will be increased productivity as well as reduced waste in terms of resources.

Correctional officer unions have organized campaigns to defeat prison privatization attempts in many jurisdictions. Post-September 11,concerns with illegal immigration have provided a boost to the private prison industry, with the federal government entering into new contracts with private companies to create more detention centers for illegal aliens.

The initial perspective that postulates that there is a lack of accountability in the privately run prison systems and that the conditions of the inmates is Privatization prison privatization essay likely to worsen off a s compared to when they are in a public run system is still subject to further investigation via empirical and evidential analysis.

Again, the disagreement is not purely pertaining to finances but the questions regarding the responsibility of the state to offer or delegate correctional facility comes into discussion. Public prisons have high degrees of transparency as compared to the private prisons.

However, this did not last for long based on the fact that there was rampant corruption that was carried out as well as vicious resistance from other businesses who termed this as some kind of 'unfair' competition that was caused by these workers who were unpaid.

This period is dependent of the intensity of the crime committed. It is argued that the private sector should not influence public policies in such a sensitive issue as prison services Mullen, Chabotar, and Carrow, Correctional worker labor unions are among the most vocal of private prison critics, with their opposition based in part on the fact that the wages of correctional officers in private prisons are generally lower than in public prisons.

In any event, should a strike occur, authorities could call in the National Guard or state police, as they would to quell a severe disruption in a state-run prison. Within the next 20 years, private correctional facilities arose in 33 states.

In regard to the second perspective, that is based on the argument that the process of privatization is a derivative of neoliberalism, a lot of criticism has been generated over an extended period of time in regard to the process of privatization of various governmental services and functions general Puxty, and Andrew, The criticisms are all based on the single viewpoint that states that profit-making as well as the provision of various governmental services are extremely incompatible and therefore government ownership coupled with its management is regarded as the most effective and efficient method in the provision of all public services.

No evidence was found to show that the existence of private prisons will have a dramatic effect on how none-private prisons operate.

The facility will be privately operated facilities, including half-way houses and community corrections facilities. This is an economical plan that aims at giving back to the society as it serves to preserve justice to the community. In short the privatization of the prison industry would have a lot of benefits as mentioned in the points that have been stated above.

The cutting down on cost is something that has been criticized heavily by the lobby groups who think that this will lead to the deterioration of the conditions inside these prisons Smith, On the strength of these arguments, the first private prison opened in They have been approved to be efficient in their design, innovative meaning that public sector work does not compare to private sector Brakel, One way of demonstrating this is what was demonstrated in the United States sometimes ago.

Having some skills that they could use to earn a living put them in a better position in the society based on the fact that these people were liable of being treated by the community as ex-convicts that may rerun back into crime.

While the studies generally indicate that private prisons are less expensive—by 8 to 15 percent—the true cost of operating either type of facility is difficult to ascertain due to substantially different procedures in private and public accounting.

Prison privatization has served as an expedient remedy for prison overcrowding in times of rapid growth in the correctional population.prison privatization Essays: Overprison privatization Essays, prison privatization Term Papers, prison privatization Research Paper, Book Reports.

ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. Is Prison Privatization Really a Long Term Fix? Essay Words | 7 Pages. Prison Privatization is a term used for which local, state and federal correction facilities hire companies from the private sector to run prisons and provide prison-related services.

Nov 10,  · Prison Privatization Essay.

Prison Privatization

Words | 8 Pages. Prison Privatization Privatizing prisons may be one way for the prison population to get back under control.

Privatization of American Prisons the&nbspThesis

Prisons are overcrowded and need extra money to house inmates or to build a new prison. The.

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Excerpt from Thesis: This gave the immediate need to contract the prison facilities. Literature review Extant literature has been dedicated to the topic of privatization of the rather publicly run correctional facilities in America.

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Conclusion Prison privatization has both advantages and disadvantages that hold key elements for debate. Nonetheless, what must be prioritized is the valuable role of the justice system and the ability of a dependable prison system, whether private, public, or mixed, to render the hand of truthful justice.

Essay Prison Privatization. Prison Privatization Privatizing prisons may be one way for the prison population to get back under control. Prisons are overcrowded and need extra money to house inmates or to build a new prison. The issue of a serious need for space needs to be addressed.

Privatization prison privatization essay
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