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The domestic sector is also likely to register phenomenal growth if other sectors develop along the lines projected above. In spite of the efforts the improvement in farm machinery use has been mainly northern states and in few areas where irrigation facilities have been developed.

About 30 per cent is the net area sown. In bee-keeping, bee-colonies are maintained for commercial production of honey and other by-products. Drains should be easy to operate to encourage operators to drain the tank at the end of each day. Various schemes should be integrated for the betterment of the farmers along with guiding them on the new ways of farming.

There are only farmers who have over 20 hectares of land each. Comparisons of the agri produce of 3 — 5 years of different regions.

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In the food grain production was 51 million tonnes but it was A number of cattle breeding centres have been established by the state government.

Pulwama District with 37 percent, has the highest hectarage under commercial crops. By Septemberabout 73, dairy cooperatives were organized including about 9. Contact Us Importance of agriculture Agriculture, as we all know, is the backbone of any country.

The post-entry quarantine stations located at 10 international airports, seaports, and 7 land frontiers. In Jammu and Kashmir, it is only 90 units per head per day.

The post-entry quarantine stations located at 10 international airports, seaports, and 7 land frontiers.

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Contributes towards the national income — As already stated above that agriculture is definitely one of the biggest sectors accounting to the high GDP and many countries depend on it. Agricultural Research and Education: Farmers have been provided assistance for owning agricultural machinery including tractors.

These are used for low-pressure spraying such as the application of herbicides and insecticide drenches. Land utilization statistics revealed that net sown area increased from 1, The major issues being faced by farmers.

Agriculture in Jammu and Kashmir (Explained With Map and Statistics)

Although detailed statistics of land-use for the country, showing the area of land put to different uses, are continuously available sincebut in the case of Jammu and Kashmir there are several data gaps.

Cattle, sheep, goats, horses and ponies are kept and reared in large number in Jammu and Kashmir and Leh, is well known for the production of fine wool. As a result our agriculture produce was very small.

Essay on the Development of Indian Agriculture (2759 Words)

Some food-grains are being sent to other countries. For the convenience of customers around the world ProfEssays. Do not operate these nozzles above kPa 60 psi to prevent excessive wear and fine spray droplets. Farmers depended mainly on rain water for irrigation.

The predominance of staple food crops in the cropping patterns shows that agriculture in the state is, by and large, subsistent in character and most of the farmers generally grow crops for the family consumption.

It is better if the country does farming in most of the staple food products. The plant guarantee activities aim at presenting introduction of exotic pests and diseases into the country by adopting domestic plant qurantine regulation. The gross value of output from livestock sector, at current price, was about Rs.

Increase and stability in their productivity is of crucial importance. Nozzles help control the amount of spray applied, the size of spray droplets, the specific pattern, and the uniformity of the application.

It was established for promotion of agriculture, rural-side industries, village industries, handicrafts and other activities in rural areas to promote rural development.

Classification is limited by availability of data also.Agriculture in the 21st century faces multiple challenges: it has to produce more population in (up from 49 percent at present) and rural population, after Crop yields would continue to grow but at a slower rate than in the past.

This process of decelerating growth has already been. The soil has been loosing its fertility by the sowing of the same crops year after year. The rotation of crops is a good method to get better yield from the land.

By changing the crop pattern the land remains fertile and produces better crops.

Importance of agriculture

The farmers have been taken up crop rotation. Agriculture provides the basis of subsistence for the population by production of food and raw materials. Traditionally, the inhabitants of each country or region depended on the bread-basket filled by the farmers, for ex; everybody depended on agriculture and was interested in its outcome.

In the first section, I will begin with a brief overview of some of the earliest theories used to explain our transition to agriculture from hunting and gathering and I will trace the changes in the theories from the some of the earliest up until present/5(17). The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

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They show that female time-use in agriculture varies also by crop, production cycle, age and ethnic group. A few time-use surveys have data by activity and these show that in general weeding and Women make up almost 50 percent of the agricultural labour force in sub-Saharan.

Agriculture is known as the backbone of the developing countries. It accounts for between 30 to 60 percent of the total GDP and employs about 70 percent of the total workers.

Apparently, this are a huge amount of peoples involves in agriculture industry if compared to any other sectors in developing countries.

How agriculture cropped up essay
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