Essay on bipolar disorder in children

People with mania or hypomania symptoms are more likely to seek help. The different norms that can go from up or down moods. People may have suffered over years before getting treatment or diagnosis. Productivity soars during this time, but they get easily confused if given more than one thing to do.

On average, someone with bipolar disorder may have up to three years of normal mood between episodes of mania or depression. Without treatment, however, the natural course of bipolar disorder tends to worsen. Children or adolescents with emotional and behavioral symptoms should be carefully evaluated by a mental health professional.

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Bipolar disorder in children

People who first seek treatment as a result of a depressed episode may continue to be treated as someone with unipolar depression until a manic episode develops.

Once blood work has been found negative and no signs of stroke or brain tumor the doctor can begin mental health evaluation. It is because of several information campaigns in the web and celebrities who are now open about their mood disorders. They want to help research determine more accurate results of delaying the start of bipolar disorder in children and adults that are at high risk to get the illness.

Learn from more than 10, bipolar patients who are sharing about their symptoms on PatientsLikeMe. After seeing a doctor a physical exam an interview is given.

Biopolar Disorder Research Paper Essay

Bipolar disorder may also cause a long lasting experience in unstable moods. Older adolescents who develop the illness may have more classic, adult-type episodes and symptoms.

Because of excessive shopping, she ran out of money and started signing bad checks. Group therapy aims to improve social skills and manage group conflicts, with role-playing as a critical tool. People with psychotic behavior are often diagnosis of being schizophrenia because of the hallucinations and delusions.

Some diagnosis can be determined wrong. During the second half of the century misdiagnosis with schizophrenia was not rare in the non-adult population due to common co-occurrence of psychosis and mania, this issue diminishing with an increased following of the DSM criteria in the last part of the 20th century.

In some cases, depressed person may experiences body aches without medical reason. The first symptom of mania is what we call grandiosity of the feeling of high self esteem. These include tardive dyskinesiaa difficult-to-treat movement disorder dyskinesia that can appear after long-term use of anti-psychotics.

Introduction to Bipolar Disorder

For example, grandiosity i.Many children with bipolar disorder have an additional mental illness, addiction, or behavior disorder. Some research has estimated that between 60 to 90 percent of youth with bipolar disorder may have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as well.

Although bipolar disorder is mostly experienced by children and adolescences with family history of the disease, little effort has been placed on other possible causes of the disease. This essay examines the trends of the disease looking at is causes, symptoms and it effects.

Biopolar Disorder Research Paper Essay. Running head: BIOPOLAR DISORDER RESEARCH PAPER Bipolar Disorder Research Paper Latrice Porter University of Phoenix Introduction to Clinical Assessment and Diagnosis CSLN/ GA08MFC10F Richard Skaff April 19, Introduction to Bipolar Disorder According to the National Institute Mental Health(NIMH) booklet (), Bipolar disorder.

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About Bipolar Disorder

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Bipolar Disorder in Children; Truth or Myth? As the number of children diagnosed with bipolar disorder rise, there is still controversy surrounding whether this illness actually exists in the pediatric population. Bipolar disorder is a serious mental illness in which common emotions become intensely and often unpredictably magnified.

Individuals with bipolar disorder can quickly swing from extremes of happiness, energy and clarity to sadness, fatigue and confusion.

Essay on bipolar disorder in children
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