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Scottish Natural Heritage formerly the Nature Conservancy Council also have three National Nature Reserves - Hermaness Unstthe Keen of Hamar Unst - a unique botanical site, and the Isle of Noss, each containing a diversity of habitats and including a significant proportion of the islands' breeding seabird species.

Sites of interest include: Due to its very small size, accommodation is scarce on Out Skerries although this is by no means the case on Whalsay. The Pure Energy Centre was formed using the skills and knowledge gained during the PURE Project and has installed hydrogen systems in diverse locations.

Large colonies of easily viewable Puffins, Guillemots and Fulmar, along with Razorbill, Black Guillemot and Kittiwake nest on the cliffs of the Sumburgh Head RSPB Reserve where access is again unrestricted although cars should be left at the car park provided.

The East Shetland Basin is one of Europe's largest oil fields and as a result of the oil revenue and the cultural links with Norway, a small Bressay ferry shetland Rule movement developed briefly to recast the constitutional position of Shetland.

The islands were described as "beautiful and rewarding" and the Shetlanders as "a fiercely independent and self-reliant bunch". As with Foula the Island can also be day-tripped by flying. This is one of the easiest colonies to walk to and is quite spectacular.

At all times while bird watching in the isles, the welfare of Bressay ferry shetland must come first.

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Bressay was quarried extensively for building materials, used all over Shetland, especially in nearby Lerwick. The 10th Cruiser Squadron was stationed at Swarbacks Minn the stretch of water to the south of Muckle Roeand during a single year from March more than 4, ships sailed from Lerwick as part Bressay ferry shetland an escorted convoy system.

Along the low east side the island are several small crofts, some with well planted gardens attracting migrants, but the Foula 'hot spot' is the sheltered and extensively vegetated Ham Burn which bisects the east side and runs to the small harbour.

Share this page Print this Page Booking directly with NorthLink Ferries is cheaper than booking with another website and we never charge for any amendments made to your booking! The Loch of Grimsetter is a haven for waders and whooper swans. Photo right - leucistic Puffin on the west cliffs of Fair Isle - Kevin Osborn Further Information Puffin colonies are in steep grassy, often slippery, slopes and in steep cliffs - please do not go near cliff edges without suitable footwear, especially in bad weather.

This is a very ancient colony as Puffin bones are common in the ninth and tenth century dwellings at the nearby Jarlshof Viking settlement. Large numbers of adults and young of many of the breeding seabirds are ringed during the summer each year. Access is not permitted to either of the lochs but the entire area can be viewed from the surrounding roads.

Prior booking is recommended as there are only 5 or 6 ferries per day to and from Fetlar. The Hansa would buy shiploads of salted fish, wool and butter, and import saltclothbeer and other goods. This is probably the easiest colony to visit as it is an RSPB reserve and there is a public road all the way to the lighthouse and ample parking facilities.

Access to the reserve is unrestricted and the Fetlar warden is also responsible for this reserve. Access to the trees is largely unrestricted, except around the main garden. Sumburgh Head At the southern tip of mainland Shetland, Sumburgh Head holds a colony of about 5, birds all breeding in the steep grassy banks and cliffs leading up to the lighthouse.

A large proportion of the rarer migrants tend to be found in the southern part of the island, around the crofts and their accompanying small crops of 'tatties, neeps and oats'.

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The latter commenced the building of Scalloway Castlebut after his imprisonment in the Crown annexed Orkney and Shetland again until when Charles I granted them to William Douglas, 7th Earl of Morton. How to get there As isolated as it is lying 23km from the nearest point in Shetlandthe island can be reached by boat two or three times per week in the summer weather permitting from Scalloway to the west of Lerwickor by British Airways Express plane run by Loganair from Tingwall airstrip near Lerwick who operate at least three flights per week.

During the chick rearing period June to early August the adults can often be seen bringing beaks full of food to their young.

Puffins nest in burrows which they usually dig themselves with their very sharp claws amongst boulder scree and also in cracks in the cliffs. Not to mention the glistening sea lochs, heather-clad moorlands, monumental rock formations and towering clifftops sculpted by millennia of wind, sea and sand.

They are found all around the higher parts of the island although there are few large concentrations. The Bressay Church building is located close to the Marina, near the centre of the west coast of the island.

Fetlar One of the northerly islands, Fetlar holds a population of about 1, Puffins almost all of which breed in steep grassy banks and in cracks in the cliffs.

Fair Isle Lying mid-way between the Orkney and Shetland islands, Fair Isle supports around 25, pairs of Puffins nesting on the steep grassy slopes and in cracks in the cliffs virtually all round the island.

Recent estimates suggest at least 50, pairs of Puffins nest on the island. The pages on this website remain the intellectual property of the authors. The largest of eleven lochs on the island are the Loch of Grimsetter in the east, and the Loch of Brough. Access to the Geosetter Burn, the areas around Sumburgh Head and the Sumburgh Hotel garden are all unrestricted but care should be taken around gardens.

Cross Bressay about 3.Unst (/ ˈ ʌ n s t /) is one of the North Isles of the Shetland Islands, is the northernmost of the inhabited British Isles and is the third largest island in Shetland after the Mainland and has an area of 46 square miles ( km 2).

Unst is largely grassland, with coastal main village is Baltasound, formerly the second largest herring fishing port after. Shetland Bird Club. Where to Watch Birds in Shetland. Shetland is famous for its large seabird colonies, spectacular cliffs and the number and variety of rare and scarce migrants it attracts.

Shetland Islands Council Inter-Island Ferries, Passenger, Vehicle and Freight Travel within the Shetland Islands. Bressay is quite different from the rest of Shetland, with fertile soil and rounded hills. Noss is a Nature Reserve – a superb island to see seabirds on dramatic cliffs and can be reached by ferry from Bressay or via special boat trips from Lerwick.

Inter Island Ferry Service. Shetland Islands Council operate a fleet of 12 ferries providing lifeline services between mainland Shetland and the islands.

Walking Shetland offers some of the finest walking in Europe, at all times of the year. The combination of spectacular coastal scenery on both North Sea and Atlantic facing cliffs, quiet inland lochs, and gentle heathery hills is unsurpassed.

Bressay ferry shetland
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